This morning I was in Houston’s FOX 26 studios to speak on air with Jose Grinan about Winners & Losers. In the interview, Jose asked about one of the more emotional stories in the book – the burial wishes of a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. Of course, we couldn’t avoid also discussing  the controversial Seattle Seahawks win over the Green Bay Packers, Houston’s status as a sports town and the chances of the Texans going all the way this year. It’s a little early in the year for such prognostications, but the Texans seem to have all the pieces in place.

Earlier this week, Geoff Rohoman from Sportsnet 590 in Canada and I had more than 15 minutes together on his radio show ‘The Fan’ to talk about Winners & Losers. Geoff liked the unique design of the book with its many high quality photos, but the conversation soon moved on to the NHL Winter Classic and whether Canada’s favorite sport, hockey, would be played this year. Let’s hope a deal can be struck soon and the season can start on time.

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