The Sports Bar Takes Flight

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Airline passengers now have even more opportunities to keep up with the game while they’re in the air.

Airline pilots have a complicated job. In addition to needing the prerequisite aviation ability, they are called upon at various times to play the role of customer service representative, safety officer, weather forecaster and camp counselor at 35,000 feet. They also have to be sports reporters.

Anyone who has flown on a Sunday during football season has had the experience of an airline pilot providing updates of NFL scores, particularly for teams from the plane’s arrival and departure cities. On Saturdays during the fall, the same thing happens, to a lesser degree, with scores from teams in college football’s top 25. Over the years, I have heard these six-mile-high sports anchors announce the results of golf tournaments, NCAA basketball, MLB, NBA and NHL games and Olympic competition. I once took a cross-country flight that passed over St. Louis during a World Series game. As the passengers in the window seats looked down at the lights of Busch Stadium, the pilot provided play-by-play of the action.

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