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Trial attorney predicts Conor McGregor will reach plea agreement on Thursday 
MMA Weekly July 26, 2018

Don’t expect a resolution on Conor McGregor’s Brooklyn Court Case 
Forbes June 14, 2018

Trial attorney explains what to expect in Conor McGregor’s Case
Yahoo! Sports June 13, 2018

Truth, fact & spin news seminar; the ongoing debate over “fake news” 
Lone Star Emmy Dallas, Texas August 21, 2017

World Rugby planning for more women’s sevens events in China
Inside the Games China June 10, 2017

Bob Latham China Basketball

World Sports Event and Tourism Summit,Yangzhou China
The People’s Daily China June 9, 2017

Americans took long trip to Rugby Gold in 1924 Olympics
ESPN August 9, 2016

Bob Latham reveals secrets about Rugby sevens, the Olympics and the sport’s future in the U.S.
ESPN July 27, 2016

Going for Gold podcast: Bob Latham gives lowdown on rugby in Olympics
USA TODAY Sports July 5, 2016

Bob Latham, Chairman USA Rugby in NZ Rugby on the upcoming match All Blacks match in Chicago and development of the rugby game in the USA.
NZ RUGBY WORKD September 1, 2014

At WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas, debating Dale Hansen on the merits of video replay officials in sports.
WFAA CHANNEL 8 January 26, 2014

Diana Oates from Culturemap Dallas writes about Winners & Losers.
CULTURE MAP DALLAS September 8, 2013

Bob Latham joins Good Day Chicago on Fox 32 to talk about Winners & Losers.
GOOD DAY CHICAGO April 16, 2013

Bob Latham talks about Winners & Losers to Derek Poundstone at Poundstone Power Radio on Sirius XM

Bob Latham joins WEOL morning show to talk with Bruce Van Dyke about Winners & Losers.
WEOL November 8, 2012

Rick Horrow from radio network Sports Byline USA interviews Bob Latham.
SPORTS BYLINE USA October 20, 2012

Bob Latham television interview with Marc Fein on NBC 5 / KXAS-TV
NBC October 11, 2012

Book review of Winners & Losers by Concert Katie.
CONCERT KATIE BLOG October 2, 2012

Kevin Roberts blogs about Winners & Losers ‘a great example of good storytelling. You get to experience the events by Bob’s side rather than observe from afar, and each story provides an exclusive insider’s view to some historic moments’.
KR CONNECT BLOG October 2, 2012

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Greenleaf Book Group Press: Bob Latham Publishes First Book “Winners & Losers: Rants, Riffs & Reflections on the World of Sports”

Winners & Losers:
Rants, Riffs & Reflections on the World of Sports

SWEENEYVESTY USA August 23, 2012