I’m in New York City tonight for the annual dinner of the Media Law Resource Center. I will be sitting on the MLRC Board of Directors for the next year, and am the incoming President of the MLRC Defense Counsel Section. It’s an organization, based in New York City,  that does a lot of good in supporting and defending the work of journalists. The highlight of the evening’s program was a discussion about the recent presidential election featuring former Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and the always entertaining Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, moderated by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. All politics aside, I enjoy and appreciate Governor Rendell’s ability to be a regular guy while also holding high political office. I was happy to have the chance to visit with him for that reason alone, but I was also able to point him to the chapter in my book which he inspired. He was suitably amused, and I am pleased that he left the dinner with a copy of my book. Here is an excerpt from the piece that chronicles my trip from Dallas to Soldier Field in Chicago in January 2011 to see the NFC championship game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers:

I had an additional incentive to make the trip. I wanted to be part of the de-wussification of America. Several weeks earlier, Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania had cited the cancellation of an NFL game in Philadelphia due to anticipated weather conditions as evidence that we have become a “nation of wussies.” Thus, if there was going to be an NFC championship game of such consequence on the shores of Lake Michigan, in 15-degree weather at kickoff with the temperature dropping throughout the game, I wanted to do my part to get Rendell’s America back on track.

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